Our soul

— Disclosing what hasn’t been revealed yet around sports performance analysis.

Our entire team, guided by accuracy and scientific rigour, is committed to keeping gpexe one step ahead, always.

Every day we love enhancing our technology to get the most accurate data. Using this data we develop innovative and distinctive metrics for team sports to guide each professional staff throughout a smart decisional process.

— Our strength lies in the

values shared among our mates and us.



we show ourselves for what we are

There is no reason why we cannot tell the truth, both towards the other and ourselves. There is no judgment. There is no personal growth if we are not honest, first of all with ourselves. In some situations, we may not say it all, but we don’t want to tell lies.

Being honest makes our virtues stand out, as they are recognised as true. We show things for what they are and show ourselves for what we are, with colleagues, clients and suppliers.


we aim high

We aim high. We want to be recognised as those who develop a high-quality product. We strive for the best in carrying out a plan with attention to detail.


masters of our destiny

Our strength lies in the people who contribute to it: people are the most valuable asset we have.
We feel fully responsible for the results of our work, for better or for worse, without clinging to external factors. We feel we are the masters of our own professional destiny.


information is spread

Everyone can teach and learn something new. Our group grows also because information is spread.
We want to share know-how, information and emotions for mutual enrichment, among colleagues, clients and suppliers.


we feel better

When we are strong and healthy, we feel better with ourselves and others. We see the work in exelio as the means for self-fulfilment, without neglecting other fields.


mistakes are part of the game

We want a company where everyone can move freely, also concerning personal initiatives. Let’s do it! Mistaking is part of the game and it is contemplated: there is no growth without it. It takes courage and initiative. We aim at putting in something of our own that goes beyond assigned tasks and duties.


let’s express ourselves

Ideas that differentiate us are born from everyone’s creativity: let’s go for it and express ourselves. Exelio wants to be a place where you can express yourself without fear of judgment.
We like to see our own ideas realised and everyone has the right to experience this feeling.


ready to change

We accept diversity. Other people’s point of view helps us change ours. We are wrong when we think our idea is the best one. Change, ours and that of the group, often leads to improvement. We are ready to change course, without being anchored to pre-established objectives and rules.


smiles, no long faces!

This is an essential feature of all those who work in exelio. At work, we love to smile! We face difficult times with the will to find a solution and the serenity of those who have faith in the future.


— tell us about you & get involved

Interested in joining us on our mission? Check out our job openings or apply spontaneously at job@exelio.eu.