Our journey

— Skills, passion & ambition. Grounded on solid roots.

The desire to do things smartly. The ambition to make complex things easier. Here is our very first motivation. It has remained unchanged over the years and still acts as a guide in our daily work.



the early years

Skills, passion and ambition. Exelio is grounded on solid roots. Since 2009, Marco and Valerio have been working to build their own business up from these shared qualities and interests, mixing sports and technologies.

The first project is an innovative app for iOS. The built-in accelerometer measures muscular power, for people to keep an eye on their squats and jumps data during gym sessions. After having faced great technical challenges, in 2010 the success is right around the corner: it is named Liza.

Apple doesn’t think the same way, though… The app distribution (via the App Store) does not go through and prevents a smooth entry into the market. David is still too small to fight Goliath and Exelio’s focus shifts soon to a new project.

paving the way

The consolidated network of connections in the sports field brings Marco and Valerio right toward TeamPlus. Specifically developed in 2012 for Udinese Calcio, acknowledged to be a cutting edge club back then, it’s a custom web app to manage all athletes data (from internal training loads to medical treatments, through fitness tests and sessions’ GPS data) in a unique platform. Watford and Granada FC, held by the same owners of Udinese Calcio, also start to use TeamPlus, paving the way to Exelio’s business in the European élite football. The birth of gpexe is getting closer…

It takes a “no” to Marco and Valerio to start developing a proprietary GPS device. After each training session, Udinese’s athletic staff needs a long time to download and export all raw data from the GPS provider and re-import it into TeamPlus. What prompts the exelio team to create a new hardware and software system to monitor the physical performance of athletes? The ambition to make this whole process smarter, in spite of the supplier’s refusal.


People with different skills are involved: electronic engineers, mathematicians, programmers, designers and physiologists. In particular, Professor Pietro Enrico di Prampero and Cristian Osgnach start a fruitful collaboration with Exelio, developing a new performance analysis model based on metabolic power.

A few months (and hundreds of tests) later, the first working device: the gpexe pro. It’s January 2013 when Udinese uses the system for the first time, followed by Granada and Watford soon after. In a few months, many Italian professional clubs choose gpexe to track down their players and Marco and Valerio’s dream comes true: the company is taking off.

Since then, exelio has invested more and more resources and energy to improve the system with new features (i.e. real-time tracking), and to develop new devices. The little brother of gpexe pro, named gpexe lt, sees the light in 2016; the gk device in 2017, to monitor the activity of the goalkeepers through the use of the inertial sensors and dedicated metrics. 2018 is the year of gpexe pro², a device trusted by fitness coaches and technical staff in clubs and national teams from all over the world.


Today gpexe is one of the most advanced and accurate tracking systems on the market and is used by hundreds of users worldwide, also thanks to a network of agents and distributors and supported by positive feedback which keeps arriving from the existing customers.

The company is still growing fast, with new people involved and new projects in progress, such as the LPS system for indoor tracking, the marker and much more on the software side, to refine the analysis model and provide even more evolute metrics.

Marco and Valerio are always driven by the same passion and use their resilience to face new challenges, supported by a team that, while expanding, continues to fully share their vision and values.


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